The Raid at Martin’s Station brings the Virginia frontier to life like nothing else! Each year, on the second weekend in May, folks gather here from around the globe to witness the blaze and thunder of musket fire, smell the smoke of burning black powder, hear the native war cries, visit an 18th century market faire and make memories that last a lifetime!

War is imminent! Take in various seminars on 18th century topics from world-renowned historians and lecturers. Feel the heat of battle as natives and the settlers clash at 1 o’clock and 8:30 pm. Witness history come alive as hundreds of living historians re-enact life at Joseph Martin’s frontier fort. The Raid at Martin’s Station event can be best described as a multi-day, on-going living history experience. You will watch as two cultures clash – the Cherokee and English Colonists – and the flames of war are ignite once again on Virginia’s frontier.

Before and between skirmishes, you can tour Cherokee Warrior and Colonial Militia camps, witness many facets of frontier fort life, and even browse among 18th century merchants and traders and purchase their wares.​

The Raid at Martin’s Station is hosted and coordinated by Wilderness Road State Park, and sponsored by the Friends of Wilderness Road. Activities associated with The Raid at Martin’s Station and trade fair are the combined efforts of local civic, community, and school groups, 18th century living history settlers and merchants, and various military and Native American re-enactment groups. Wilderness Road State Park is located in beautiful Lee County, Virginia.

“…a small, strong cabin of Captain Martin’s, being a little detached from the rest, and locked, having a table and some other things in it, I climbed up to the top of the chimney, and flung it down until it was so low that I could drop into the house without hurting myself, not being able to support myself with my feet against the logs, and cut the lock of the door loose. By this time my friend had got his hog-he being best able to walk – filled a keg with water, and collecting some wood, getting in some corn, we barred (the) door, knocked out some port-holes, set the table in the middle of the floor, and spread our arms and ammunition in order, and waited…” – George Rogers Clark, 1776

Enjoy Photos of Past Raids at Martin’s Station, and we look forward to seeing you this year on the second weekend in May! *

*Provided our schedule is no longer impacted by COVID-19 at that time. Please contact the park directly for updates on the current COVID-19 response at (276) 445-3065.